Thursday, July 06, 2006

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Given the number of PCB (printed circuit board) manufacturers (Elec & Eltek) and service providers (Eucon, SP Windsor, Jadason, Multichem) listed on the SGX, it will be interesting to understand the whole manufacturing process and where these companies fit in along the value chain. The series of illustrations, taken from the Elec & Eltek site, is the best illustration I've seen so far of the PCB manufacturing sequence.

Where they fit in:
The entire process: Elec & Eltek
Lamination (Step G): Kingboard (provides the critical material, copper foil)
Drilling (Step J): Eucon, Multichem, Advance SCT, Jadason (drilling machines are the most expensive, hence explaining why they tend to be outsourced)
Electroplating (Step L): SP Windsor
Routing (Step T): Eucon, Advance SCT, Multichem
PCB punching (part of Step T): SP Windsor
Testing & inspection (Steps U & V): Advance SCT
Other support services: Jadason(distribution and installation of manufacturing equipment), SP Windsor(manufacturing of punching moulds), Multichem(distribution of specialty chemicals and materials)

(1) Elec&Eltek site




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